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Nikon D810 – So…What’s Coming from Canon???

I’m a little surprised Nikon announced a replacement for the D800 / D800e before Canon even releases a high megapixel camera to challenge it. I do like my 5D MKIII, and know its not all about MP…but would still like a super high megapixel camera for studio and landscape use…why not?

The under $4k price of the D810 is very attractive.

Nikon D810 Camera – Just Announced – D800 / D800e replacement

Nikon just announced the new D810 36.3 megapixel camera body. This will be a replacement for the D800/D800e. No 4k video.

D810 photo from nikon website

D810 photo from nikon website


Full frame
ISO 64-12,800
Faster AF (D4s system)
1080p 60p

go to Nikons website for more info

“The evolution of high resolution.
Product photo of the Nikon D-810 DSLR
One look at the jaw-dropping image quality possible with the D810 and you’ll never look at image quality the same way. The level of detail and sharpness, the wide dynamic range and rich tonality in nearly any light is simply staggering—almost unimaginable until now. For still and multimedia photographers including landscape, studio, wedding and portrait pros, the D810 will ignite your creativity and help you capture images that astound. For cinematographers and camera operators, the D810 will become one of the most versatile and important tools in your arsenal. With meticulous autofocus, fast frame rates and image processing, smaller file formats, excellent energy efficiency and exciting new capabilities for all manners of shooting, the D810 expands your vision and lets you rethink what’s possible. ” – (Nikon website)

Nikon D800 Digital SLR Camera Body – Refurbished by Nikon U.S.A. $2,349 w/ free shipping!

Sweet deal on refurb Nikon D800 at Adorama. http://www.adorama.com/INKD800R.html



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