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Areca Arc-8050 Thunderbolt RAID 5 Storage: Now using 8 4TB Hard Drives

I’ve recently updated my Areca ARC-8050 enclosure I reviewed here last year, and now use all 8 slots for RAID 5. This external enclosure is connected to my Imac. The hard drives are 4TB HDS 7200rpm drives. It took about 24 hours for it to initialize, not bad when you consider how much data it can hold. Here are the results using BlackMagicDesign Disk Speed Test app.


Its been up and running, used daily for about a month with no problems. Here is a Disk Speed Test with 7 4TB Hitachi drives


Nikon D810 – So…What’s Coming from Canon???

I’m a little surprised Nikon announced a replacement for the D800 / D800e before Canon even releases a high megapixel camera to challenge it. I do like my 5D MKIII, and know its not all about MP…but would still like a super high megapixel camera for studio and landscape use…why not?

The under $4k price of the D810 is very attractive.

Fuji x100s on Nature Trail – Field Trip to Sanborn Park, Saratoga, CA


Just posted some shots from my new Fuji X100s on blog.reederphoto.com

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 2.12.41 PM


Fun camera! nice and light

– Jordan

Hey Dad, I insist you use my Canon S100 on your big trip! OOPS! — “lens error, will shut down automatically, restart camera”

Loaned my Dad a Canon PowerShot S100 (reviewed here) for his trip to Hong Kong, telling him it was so much better than his old camera.

Which it is…but a couple of days into the trip I get this message from him, “For some reason ur camera lens will not retract. It says “lens error, will shut down automatically, restart camera” when I try to shut off and close lens.  Camera wasn’t dropped or bumped. I reset lens closing from 1 min to 0 min but it didn’t help. Any ideas ?”

Oops sorry Dad. I googled the issue and came up with this Canon lens issue web announcement:

It has been confirmed that some PowerShot S100 digital cameras encounter a lens error caused by a disconnected part inside the camera. This announcement conveys the details of the issue and Canon’s service policy for affected cameras.

Canon continuously strives to provide our customers with high quality, reliable products that can be used with confidence. We offer our sincerest apologies to any customers who have been inconvenienced.

Some PowerShot S100 units (with the serial numbers listed below) may encounter a lens error due to a part becoming disconnected inside the lens. In particular, this lens error may occur when the camera is used in certain environmental conditions such as high temperature and/or humidity.

click here for more info

Sounds like they will repair free of charge even if out of warranty if this is in fact the issue, probably is because he is in a high humidity environment. Camera normal resides in sunny, dry, sf bay area :)

Will update when resolved.


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