1/60 sec, f/4, iso 800, Canon 24-105mm


The new Canon 5D Mark III showed up recently. So far so good. The following items are improved, AF,  frames per second, audio capability, high ISO performance, construction/weather seals, LCD screen, etc.

1/640 sec, f/8, iso 320, Canon 24-105mm










For the first round of tests we have some in studio ISO samples. ISO 100-12800, 50mm Canon f/1.2 L lens (focused with live view on the rodenstock loupe), processed in Lightroom 4.1. Full Res JPEGs with default sharpening applied, no other tweaks.

5d Mark III test shot

ISO 100, 50mm f/ 1.2









click photo for full res jpeg

Click here to download a zip of the RAW’s ISO 100-12800

I decided to do a print test on our big Epson with an ISO 3200 file.  The native file size @ 180ppi gives us about a 21″ x 33″ print.  No interpolation. After a little adjustment on the Luminance in Noise Reduction in Lightroom  and some sharpening, I made a print.

What the print revealed was that with proper technique, good optics, etc. a beautiful large print can be produced from the Mark III even at ISO 3200 to 6400. There was just a slight “grain” look at ISO 3200, and a little “grainier” at 6400.  But, overall it exceeded my expectations.

1/1000 sec, f/2.8, iso 640, Canon 70-200mm f/ 2.8 IS