PixelReeder is published and copyrighted by award winning photographer Jordan Reeder. Reviews of high end photography and computer gear as well as thoughts on latest news and developments in the photo industry will be addressed often.

Recently Jordan’s portfolio website reederphoto.com was a 2012 PDN Photo Annual Award Winner!


To see some of Jordan’s images:  reederphoto.com

Image related blog: http://blog.reederphoto.com/

Contact Jordan:  jordan@pixelreeder.com


The following is an introduction from the first posting:

“About the author:

I’ve been obsessed with photography for the last 20 years, the last 13 of which I’ve been a full time commercial pro in the San Francisco Bay Area. Go to www.reederphoto.com to see some of my work. I shoot a variety of subjects and therefore use multiple camera systems ranging from large format, medium format technical and SLR systems, and 35mm DSLR systems in studio and on location.

I do quite a bit of testing every year for my own needs and have decided to share some of the results.

I’m not sure how this site will evolve over the coming years, but for now you can plan on them being based on real world scenarios and subjective. Because most of these tests originate from a desire for me to improve and or acquire new tools for my personal and professional projects, they will also be somewhat targeted, short and to the point. Much of the time there will be RAW files available for download so you can draw your own conclusions.”